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Originally Posted by greenstreak1946 View Post
i am trying to find out exactly what it takes to get the srrv visa.

1. i know i can make a $10,000 time deposit. How long does the deposit have to stay?
2. how do I get police clearance from my country while living in Philippines?
3. anything else I have to be aware of wen applying for the visa?
4. does this has to be done in Manila or any immigration office?
5. I assume this will be a lot cheaper then tourist visa and less hassle.


I do not have such a visa but have had a good look at it. The $10kus is a big ask as far as I am concerned. You also pay a $1400us application fee. Then about $340us making it not a lot of difference between that and Tourist visa. But there are a few other benefits ie. not having to go to the BI every few months.
Your Police clearance if anything like Oz, you can get it online (for a fee of course).
The rest I am not sure of, but others will fill the gaps.
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