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Default What’s in your bug out bag.

In the thread on the 26-year-old vet moving here, there was a little discussion on bug out bags.

What is in your bug out bag?

I have

First Aid Kit
Cash ($US and PHP)
Spare credit card, high capacity no debt on it.
Change clothes 2 pair socks and underwear plus pants and shirt, lightweight jacket.
2 l water
Dried fruit packages.
2 week supply of all my medicines.
Swiss army knife.
Critical documents, originals and photocopies.
Pen and paper.
A nifty device that is a combination power bank, flashlight but has a solar cell and hand crank recharging capability. ( Made by Coghlans bought at Cabela at home about $CDN 60). I keep it recharged all the time.
Tactical flashlight (i.e. high intensity)
USB charger and spare laptop charger (I will also grab the laptop on my way out the door). Universal power plug adaptor so I will have power no matter what country we end up in.
Retractable USB and cat 5 cords.
Travel router that also has backup power capability for charging cell phones. (Also kept recharged)
My international cell phone. (Dual SIM model with a UK based SIM that works worldwide plus my Canadian SIM card for when I finally get home.
About 10 m 550 cord (Parachute cord)
Camping towel, soap and toiletries.
Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wet wipes etc

It is all in a backpack that I can lock up and I have one of those retractable luggage locks so I can secure the complete backpack for when I sleep.

This should be sufficient to get me through the first 48 to 72 hours before aid can arrive in the event of a disaster. The cash is sufficient to buy a plane ticket home or I can always use the credit card and keep the cash for en route expenses.

I am looking at two possible run scenarios. One would be a natural disaster i.e. a storm, earthquake or similar. There would be a period in a shelter or in the open where we would have to stay until we could bet relocated out. The cash will help there.
The second is a political event, riots, martial law etc that would mean a quick trip to the airport and on the first available flight anywhere.

In either case being able to hand out wallet-sized pictures of Ben Franklin will assist in getting out of Dodge faster and safer.

I was a Boy Scout for far too long to not be prepared lol.
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