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Originally Posted by AlanMexicali View Post
Fact is your interpretation of the stock market numbers etc. and the present thieves and liars of the GOP having anything at all to do with it is laughable and far rt, wing nonsense.

If anything you are making most of it up or copying it from far rt. wing media. Tundragreen already stated what it is and you repeat your slant over and over agian. Boring.

Obama stimulus deals were blocked by the a**hole Republicans and you know it. You know Teddy Cruz and that gang of thieves and liars, con men now having control of all branches of the American government.

You too have a Merry Christmas
Again with the same track of insults and non information (liars and thieves, we aren't talking about the Clintons, this is about Trump.)

The stock market surge speaks for itself about this administration and it's policies.

Obama got his stimulus package, he got 787 billion approved by congress in February 2009, can you please list all of the jobs that it created and the cost per job? Where did this money come from? It was tax money but liberals can't seem to understand that government spending of our own money does not stimulate growth unless that "loan" is paid back with a profit, which it wasn't. His White House predicted that it would create 3.3 million jobs by 2010 when actually 3.5 million jobs were lost. You can't spend your way to prosperity with someone else's money unless it really works, which it never has.

Again your insults, name calling of the Republicans and attacks are aimed to get a response from me to get this thread locked as that is your usual track, because you have not yet presented any evidence of what exactly Obama ever did that was a success. For God's sake, the man never held a real job before he became a lackluster senator who had a dismal track record of no accomplishments. He never managed a payroll, met a budget or ran a business at all, he had no track record to refer to or real experience to run even a small business, let alone a country and proved it.

But keep trying to get the thread locked with insults.

And have a Merry Christmas.

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