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Originally Posted by AlanMexicali View Post
By far your most pathetic post ever [so far].

Your Ted Cruz, the pathological liar and sleeze ball politician, and his crazy ideas say something about who you think is legit and who is believable. No I get it, It makes sense.
This is so typical of you Alan to turn a post that you can't possibly defend with logic into an exchange of insults to get the thread locked, your pattern of doing this is so obvious you really need to get some new material or a new angle of attack.

You can't point to any facts to defend the "shovel ready jobs" that Obama admitted weren't so "Shovel ready" after blowing his stimulus package so you try your best to divert the thread into a slam fest to get it locked.

Try facts instead of insults for a change, this pattern is worn out.

And have a Merry Christmas.

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