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Originally Posted by mogo51 View Post
Thank you Zorro, I found your post very interesting. The finances of countries around the world is an inexact science, the more I try to understand it, the less I do. So many variables.
Although I have been a member for some year, only returned to being an active member recently. This is a good forum and the moderators do a good sensible job IMO. Unlike the one I was spending my time on until recently.
But I would love to see more posts from members on their life experiences irrespective of where they are currently living, but of course, especially here in Philippines.
It is good to hear a voice of reason here, I am the only admitted conservative and take regular beatings due to my political and religious stances. If there are others, they don't seem to admit it as the outspoken majority of this forum is very liberal.

I started the "North Korea" thread, do you want to take on gay marriage in another as you touched on?

We could use some new blood that isn't afraid to take on topics other than Trump bashing.