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Originally Posted by AlanMexicali View Post

Your second post with many links to Hillary and the comment about Bill was a " di·ver·sion
Yes, you almost lured me into it until I realized your Gallup pole, impeachment, and name calling was simply a diversion, then I went back on course.

Originally Posted by AlanMexicali View Post
I simply ignored your view about the so called "booming" economy as it has been steadily in recovery since 2012, thanks in part to the Democrates in power for the last 5 years [not any Republiicans and definately not the Trump administration]
That's hilarious, Obama himself tried to take credit for the booming economy recently. Obama has nothing to do with today's economy, more diversion and false credit grabbing.

The stock market started to boom on November 9, 2016, the day after the election. The Dow soared 257 points, and gained 9 percent by year-end, for the biggest post-election rally ever. Why? Because investors believed that newly-elected President Trump was determined to create jobs, bring businesses back to the U.S., lower taxes and loosen the regulatory noose created by Obama. That’s what he campaigned on, and that’s why he was elected and that is precisely what he is delivering.