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Good morning all.
I have been riding motorcycles in Thailand for 8 years and I love the feel of the breeze against the face. Before Thauland, I had only ridden a bike once or twice in my life.
I came to Phils intending to buy a bike and was actively looking for the first 4 weeks. During that time I studied the activities of other bike riders here, their kamikaze attitude and total disregard to traffic rules. I saw numerous accidents, although not as many as I expected. Without a doubt they are far worse than in Thailand, there is some element of traffic obedience there, but not a lot. Here there is none. I also listened to long term residents here and they all recommended against riding a motorcycle here. In th end, I listened and bought a car, that is bad enough I can assure you. Riding/driving in Philippines is a stressful experience and I DO live in the province of La Union.
In 8 years in Thailand, I was only involved in one collision, not my fault young hoons screaming down the wrong side of the road to beat the lights, as I was turning right, duly signalling. That was 15 months ago and still recovering from leg injury.

Asian Spirit raises some pertinent points for you to consider. I miss riding a motorcycle as I loved it, but not at the cost of my life. Give it long consideration before heading up the cycle road. imo.
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