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Originally Posted by rahulreshu View Post
Yes, you are kind of lucky though that you took that trip that early after your arrival. Imagine if you hadn't taken it at that time and took those additional 65 days during your "09 Aug 2015 to 08 Apr 2016" trip. You'd then have to wait even longer (more than a year from your expected date of lodgement).

Just remember, the general rule is:

From the expected date of lodgement (i.e. the date you intend to apply for citizenship),

1) Count back 1 year. Have you stayed more than 90 days out of Australia during that time?
2) Count back 4 years. have you stayed for more than ~365 days out of Australia during that time?

If you answer yes to any of the above 2 questions, you can't lodge your application on that date.
Thanks mate. now finger's crossed for the june application. hopefully they won't take 14 months to process my application
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