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Originally Posted by a4arunav View Post
Again, there are mixed opinions. Here are my 2 cents:

1). VETASSESS website clearly states that

"You have received a Skills Assessment from a different assessing authority and have been referred to us by your skills assessing authority and/or DIBP for Points Test Advice on the educational level comparability of your overseas qualification only"

Now ACS won't assess a mechanical engineering degree so it'll the Case officer's call. He/she may ask you to get an assessment (if he/she is unable to verify. There are other sources too E.g.:


So you could either get a VETASSESS PTA or leave it on CO's discretion it's your call. My case is same as yours and I have decided not to get assessed.
Not sure if thats the right advice. My understanding is, in order to claim any points for qualifications, it must be assessed to be equal to appropriate AQF level. Just like a skills assessment outcome which allows you to claim experience points. If your skills assessment authority doesn't assess your qualification, you must get it assessed by other relevant authority.

Experts can correct me if I am wrong, but CO may not consider your qualification if it is not assessed equivalent to an AQF degree.
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