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Originally Posted by Smudger82 View Post
Hi all,

I just wondered if anyone who is not from either country has lived in both countries for a length of time?

What are the main differences in culture/weather/people/house etc?

I'm moving to Australia in June, but have always wondered what NZ would be like...
I've spent a bit of time in NZ and can tell you that it's far quieter than Australia. The scenery is amazing, but cost of living is higher, food is more expensive, quality of food is not as good, shopping options are not as good. Wellington is a great city and extremely windy. Auckland is a weird one in that people who live there are not passionate about their city. The cafe culture is a lot smaller.

It would be an easier place to move to if you are going there with a significant other. It's a harder place to settle into if you move there on your own.
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