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Originally Posted by aspare23 View Post
It is not a case of I would or will always resent his Wife, I only resent as it was a sham marriage, if it was genuine, the marriage would have had my blessing. He met her in a bar in Phucket, he was over 60, she was 30, married within a week of meeting, she has made it clear that it was only ever about money, her only disappointment was he lived as long as he did.
Yes it is only money, but one there is a principle, two, he wanted his daughter to be financially ok, she is doing her best to fleece her out of that.

So far she fleeced my father, he purchased land, had a home built, grew rubber tree plantations, set her up in business, she is financially ok for life, she will not be happy until she has got everything if she has her way, something quite rightly I am not prepared to sit back and let happen.

It is not a simple case of it was my Fathers life to live as he see fit, he had suffered a stroke before heading to Thailand, so his decision making was tainted, many times shortly before passing he phoned stating he wanted to come back to the UK, sadly he never lived to do this. She was nice to him when they lived in the UK, as soon as they moved to Thailand, she turned and was nasty to him.

I have since found out that the funeral/buffet claims are definitely exaggerated.

I did consider the Thai solicitor option, but I think in the end, any estate would be swallowed up by the cost involved with having two solicitors.

It is doubtful there is an equitable amicable solution, The day after he died she was asking for the money, that speaks volumes, I cannot and will not let her win, but as with any situation, it is good to gather as much information and advice as possible from a multitude of sources.


You can call it a "sham" marriage. If the marriage was registered in Thailand and the United Kingdom recognizes marriages registered in Thailand, then by definition it is a marriage. True, valid and most importantly fully LEGAL.

Therefore, you are dealing with an international legal issue. So, unless you "lawyer up" your Thai mother-in-law will be able to secure most, if not all, of your deceased fathers assets.

If you lawyer up you may be able to enforce the will on an international level. Good Luck.

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