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Originally Posted by Williams2 View Post
For me - there's no contest, if I'm taking the car it's the Brittany Car Ferry every time.
So let the ferry take the strain.
Finally I've met many dog loving passengers on the ferries and I've never met any of them who complained about the
provision for pets. Of course they are kept in the Car Ferry kennels for the duration of the voyage which is normal.
Of course there's a charge for the kennel accommodation, 69 I believe on the Car Ferry between the UK &
Spain but it seems reasonable enough for me.
In fact if I was so hung up about accommodation prices on Car Ferries, I'd no doubt be booking the Car Ferry that
boasts Lounge Seats ( for 10 ? ) every time.
Hello thanks for your reply, very appreciated. I have 2 dogs actually and they are simply 'spoiled rotten' and staying in the car is not an option . One of them could happily go in the kennels but the other would definitely be in a cabin with me which I don't mind the extra cost. I agree the ferry would be the first choice but I have to be realistic that I am not British thus I do not plan my holidays/journeys 6 mths in advance LOL (sorry had to say it - no offence) and with my job I travel so I need to be able to say OK I have no travel for 2 mths so I am heading to just having a look at ferry options this summer, it doesn't seem like a last minute option as I could not find any ferries with dog cabins available. I probably could have rang them and maybe they would find something but I just want to be able to get up and go. Maybe I should be looking at Devon he he! My heart is set on Spain though so I do appreciate all the input and advice!!!
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