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Originally Posted by rahulddam View Post
I am looking for Visa 189/190 for migration to Australia.
My Details are as under:
D.O.B: 05 October 1984
Education: B.E. Electronics (University of Pune) in 2006
MBA-Marketing and IT (University of Pune) in 2009

Work Experience: Bank for past 8 years (Customer service, Relationship Manager, Branch Head)

Can I apply for visa 189/190 under ANZSCO: 233411 Electronics Engineer ?

I can score 60 for 189; and 65 in visa 190.
Do you think these points score will be sufficient or not?
Will there be any problems in EA assessment since there is a gap after my education BE graduation since 2006????

Please guide,
Hi rahulddam,
I would like to share my experience.
1/ I think 60 is sufficient but you may wait a bit longer before receiving an invitation.
2/ Education gap: it is not a matter because gaps were within my BE, MA, and PhD too, and EA counted as I worked between these gaps. Also, it depends on which qualification you want to use for qualification. It appears to me that you want to use your BE for qualification so my answer is if you work between BE and MA, it's fine.
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