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Originally Posted by Big Mark View Post
My first post here, but I suspect it'll be the first of many!

My Dad has bought a house in Peyia and is moving in on 15th April. He already has a CYTA LandLine phone number at the house and, according to Cytanet (who have checked the line for compatibility), can get internet. It apparently takes up to 7 days to get an installation so I want to pre-book.

TECCHIE ALERT!!! I'd like to take over a specific router/firewall/Wireless Access Point for him, one that I'm familiar with so that he can use a Desktop PC, Laptop and VOIP Telephone and various other wireless devices.

Can this be routinely done with Cytanet? or Is there a ISP better solution?

I have a very good knowledge of installing & configuring networks, I'm not sure what configuration settings, account login & password settings & setup requirements information I could get from Cytanet though. I have emailed Cytanet with my specific questions and not had a reply, I also tried calling them but they didn't seem to understand the questions I was asking.

Can I also get a fixed IP address from Cytanet? I want it for remote monitoring of CCTV and access to the PC in Cyprus from the UK when he's visiting.

Anyone have any idea what is possible?

Many thanks,

Hi Mark

Did you manage to sort this out ok?

I am looking to do the same thing and would like to know how easy it is to setup the firewall/router.