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Hi, I am applying for 190 under Victoria SS. Yesterday, a lady (case officer) rang my manager (the name i used in my CV and other forms) but apparently he is on holidays. The CO asked about me, but he was driving and couldnt talk, so he asked her to call back later. The CO called him again but he missed her call as he was busy unpacking his stuffs and couldnt call her back as the number was private number. So he emailed me yesterday, saying that, if anyone who wants to contact him, have call him before 9:30 am or after 5:30 pm as it will be hard to hear/ listen the phone ringing in the snow while skiing.

If this is the case, can i let the CO know that he is on holidays and you can contact me before 930 am or 530 pm or contact him next week once he is back?
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