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Yeah - thats why I'm chasing a contract and written details.

I have great faith in the concept and think that it will do remarkably well. UAE is the fastest growing coffee market in the world at the moment, and this company has the right ethics and I believe in it.

As far as I'm aware - it really is a case of too many cooks in the kitchen at the moment - and a skype meeting I had with the Marketing Director confirmed that on Saturday. He told me that due to Ramadan and the relentless heat of the summer - a few of the 9 have been on holiday, on reduced hours ext and thus out of the loop. So decisions have been taking so much longer to get made as its rare to get all 9 in the room at the same time. The guy I spoke to is in the same level of seniority as myself so had no reason to spin me a yarn or lie to me. I was actually very relieved that he shared my frustration in their lack of urgency and indecision.

There are 9 investors at the mo - all of whom of course want a say in the set up. This will dwindle to a board of 4 or 5 once the business is up and running. So hopefully things will level out - and although there is equal share for the investors, in my experience the natural leaders step forward and things gain a structure from there. Some people are just cash investors and all they care about is the return on their money - others will be operating as a part of the business. So the hierarchy and structure of us all should become evident once all opening / operational decisions have been made and the business begins to run.
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