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Thanks for your reply. Its nice to hear that someone else has been there and shares my frustration.

It pretty much echoes what I've been thinking. Just last week i received confirmation that I'll start at the beginning of October (again - far too vague, I need a date) and the company will launch in November. So I'd like to think that if they were no longer interested - they would have made this clear then.

The whole of this year has been geared around the move and relocation, so with it potentially around the corner now and being an organisational freak I'm pretty much pulling my hair out! 7 Weeks may seem like a long time for them - but to up sticks and say goodbye to everyone and everything I love is not long at all. Especially as my wife and I both have jobs out here. Even more so that I'm a consultant and take contracts as they come. When do I stop taking contracts??? Aaaaaauuuggghh!

I'll chase up with another email this afternoon and hope for the best.
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