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Howdy All,

Quite a long story here but I'll keep it brief and stick to the details.

I've been offered a Job in Dubai as Director Of Operations for a new startup in the Fast / Prepared food and Coffee Industry.

I originally approached in December last year, with the view of starting in April. However, the project was delayed due to failing to obtain business permits and then Ramadan and the relentless heat slowed things down even more. We're now set to start at the start of October.

The ball is now well and truly rolling in Dubai and I've had a few Skype meetings with various parties and investors and it really is just around the corner now.

My frustration at this point is that I have nothing on Paper. I've had loads of conversations that have confirmed my Salary and Bonus structure and things like that but at this point nothing on paper at all. My main concern is the housing arrangements - as with the 4 cheques / 1 cheque thing. I dont have 3 months rent lying around. This has not been covered yet and makes me nervous to start arranging everything on this side of the water.

Of course, its very difficult for me to start taking steps towards such a large scale move and relocation within the next 8 weeks or so with nothing tangible in my hand. I have asked for a written offer and confirmation of my package a few times but have just been passed around. Its a huge frustration as the company is owned by 9 investors - all of whom have equal power, so there is no real leader or guy at the top.

I sent a fairly assertive email last week stating that I really need to see my formal offer - but its all quiet so far and no reply.

Is this normal in the Dubai job market? I would have really expected to receive this by now and am walking the fine line of being assertive - and being a pain in the ass.
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