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Originally Posted by fcjb1970 View Post
Take some time to understand what your tax liabilities will be and how you can minimize those while here. When you add in housing exclusion the limit can go well past the 95K FEI exclusion. Also things you do back home, keep/sell house (I take a loss on renting mine, which still benefits me long term).

There is no more 401K matching, so you need to account for that if you are currently receiving it. Finally, depending on how much your tax liability is you may not be able to contribute to an IRA, so no money into your Roth while here.

On 50K/month you can certainly afford to have the wife not work and even afford a housekeeper to help out so she can focus on the kids. Just be sure that you are sending enough back to the states to make the time here worth while
Thank you for quick reply. I approached my tax guy and he is not an expert in expat taxes. Is there a tax firm in US or UAE whom you may have used can help with understanding the tax implications/exemptions? Yeah....I have a townhome and if we decide to move then we plan on renting it out. Once again...thanks for your help.
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