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Originally Posted by jdavis10 View Post

You got the wrong idea. Anne and I have the money we can send her parents each month. Issue I find is that she is frustrated with Manila Traffic, Stress, constant 3-4 trips from Quezon, Makati, and cities where she is traveling far coming home stressed. I try to explain to her it gets even more stressful in middle east I got quite few friends over there and many work to much. Anne is waiting until I get back to apply abroad and wants me to apply for work to which even IF i did im sure we wouldnt be near eachother which concerns me in middle east.

Rest of You: I always provide for my angel needs. Surely we will take care of them and my parents each month but there are lot of challenges. I dont want Anne to have any regrets. Issue I see is if i can wait 2-4 years which personally i dont see because I think experience in middle east will have impact rather good or bad and I want to be able to find woman i think I can have stand by me. Anne and I are ok right now I am just trying to let her know i want her to stay
[QUOTE=MikeynJenz;1243340]Hi James,

I emailed you some work the other day but you havnt replied.

Anyway, it is fresh air that she has the ambition and drive to go out and earn her own money, that is quite rare for a filipino (especially one with a foreign boyfriend).

My girlfriend has also in the past said that she would like the opportunity to work abroad, with me in fact stopping her before i came here. She had the opportunity to work in Canada for Loreal here, but i said "hey im just about to move my life to your country and you are now going to leave while i am there".

Her family were a bit disappointed in her that she didnt go, but i support her with more money than she would have had whilst there and i have given her some small businesses to keep her busy too.

I will echo what Mcalley says about it sounding a few alarms that she is happy to leave you in the philippines alone to do this, you are a foreigner so a big catch for women here, so the fact that she is not worried by this worries me.

I know my relationship would not last through this for two reasons, one obviously we wouldnt see eachother and two she would be accusing me left, right and centre of having another woman.[/QUOTE]

Worries me too but for for the opposite reason. I have to question whether it is she that has a guy already abroad whom she wishes to be with while your not around?
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