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Congrats Silver! Great to know that you're sorted.

As for myself, I've had a rather hectic past couple days going back and forth to the rent committee in order to clear up some missing documents:

1. Original tenancy contract: For some reason, I don't have the original. I'm pretty sure when I first got the contract last year, the agent asked me if I wanted it or if he should hold on to it. Me being gullible, I told him he'll keep it safe better than me. (Never do that! Always keep your original contract. I learned the hard way). Anyhow, the rent committee chap was nice and looked over the title deed etc to verify that the contract copy I had was indeed the original. He told me to add a line in my Claim Form saying that I had proved this is the original contract.

2. Minor changes in claim form: Since my landlord's address was in Pakistan, he told me to change that to our agent's Dubai address and contact number instead. Also the translation service had slightly confused the last two sections (Details of Case, and Demands). Told me to write "Want to renew contract on same terms. Want landlord to reimburse me all relevant expenses in filing this claim", in the demands (last) section.

3. Letter from Bank: The fellow said that copy of my rent cheque + bank statement showing those funds had been deducted from my account are not enough. He said to get my bank to issue me a letter saying that the specific cheque (ref number) issued in person's name (landlord) was issued by the bank on the stated date. I don't know why the rent committee needs a letter instead of the bank statement, but I had to go do it. The bank was so confused and said it was not their policy, but a bit of persuasion and speaking to the manager finally sorted me out.

That's about it. I finally have all my required documents (fingers crossed). I'll be heading to the rent committee tomorrow, hopefully for the last time (excluding the hearing of course).

And SilverClover is definitely right about getting there earlier. On Sunday I reached them at around 11 AM due to a delay from the translation service, and I waited for over 2 hours at least! I actually had time to nip out and head a couple of metro stations away to get some work done and nip back in time for my call, haha. Yesterday I reached at 9 AM and was called in about 30 minutes. So tomorrow, I plan on heading there at 8:30, lol. Wish me luck!

If everything goes well, I'll give a small update tomorrow.

As Silver said, if any of you are being harassed by your landlord and could use some guidance on your rights as a tenant, it wouldn't hurt to head down and visit the rent committee, or at the least give RERA a call at their helpline (600555556).
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