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Default Real Hard Costs -- budget time

Hi all.. been a bit since I posted but doing so again because my move is fast approaching even though the date is still not yet known.

There was a major hurdle in my way before making this move but this hurdle was finally jumped last week.

Anyhow.. because of this I'm working on a budget.

First thing I need to get an idea about is a place to stay. It is appearing that Subic Bay or somewhere near there that is safe.

So help on costs on these areas would be great.

-- Rent / at least 2 bedrooms and 2 comfort room but ideally 3 bedrooms.
---- With me will be my Westie, he is 18 pounds so the place will need to allow dogs with some-sort of fence or the ability to build one.

-- The rooms I habitat will be cool so an idea of the power bill I'm in need of.

-- Will be looking for a smaller pickup truck. Could be fairly old as long as it runs well with AC. I realize the price range can be large but should anyone see any for sale please let me know for informational purposes. Does not have to be a truck.. just ideal is all. At least I think it will be ideal.

-- Ave. cost of Internet

-- Ave. cost of water

-- Ave. cost of normal monthly living costs minus food.

When I first arrive I intend to stay in a place for a month while I look for something more permanent so any help locating a place during this time I and my Westie would find most helpful.

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