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Users Flag! Originally from cuba. Users Flag! Expat in burund.

I am from central Europe - this is several hundred KMs in the north of Italy.
In my country, most of the buildings have very good insulation and high-quality modern windows. The winters here are quite cold and very very long. We have central heating.
Despite all of that, I am almost not using the heating. I just put on a thick pullover and
I'm OK. I think that in Italy it should be much better... Especially on Sardiny...
Anyway, maybe I should really look for another country, Italy is very attractive for me, because I have very good transport connections and cheap flights there. Also, the language is very easy to learn and it seems easy to get a citizenship through naturalization as well...

Many thanks for your help! If you would like to add anything else, I would be very thankful!
You, on the Italy forum gave me the best answers. Another countries where I posted the same questions, I am not getting any answers :-/
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