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Users Flag! Originally from cuba. Users Flag! Expat in burund.

I tried to do some research on my own, and still, what I'm reading is totally unclear:

Italian News - Dr.Claudio Del Giudice

This new tax is levied at two rates 0.4 % on the value main residences and 0.76% on the value of most other properties.

-> When I will be spending just 1.5-2 months per year there, will the authorities recognize it as my main residence (as I won't own anything else in Italy) or they'll say that I live in another country, so it's a second home for me ???

From the tax actually payable on the main residence a standard Euro 200 deduction is allowed

-> While 0.4% of the value might be a lot, minus 200 EUR would decrease this tax a lot and will be something I absolutely can live with.
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