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Originally Posted by ChooChoo View Post

I am working with Airline Industry and may be posted to New York, US for about 5 years. In India i earn a monthly gross salary of 6000 USD, from which after tax deduction (33% approximately), i get little less than 4000 USDs in hand. I would appreciate if someone can guide me on the expenses for a lifestyle as mentioned below:

1. I have a family of 3 (Myself, Wife and a 8 year old son).
2. Would like to stay close to (say a 30 minutes drive to JFK Airport, by personal
car), and would be looking for a descent accomodation of 2 to 3 Bedrooms-
unfurnished (as would prefer buying things on my own for 5 years).
3. I would like to put my son in a private school in local area of staying- Std 3.
4. What should be the major- regular monthly expenses, namely: Rental House,
Utility Bills, Children Education, Transportation costs, Medical Insurance
Policies, etc.
5. Working at JFK Airport, what would be the income tax slab applicable on me, if
the total emoluments would be in the region of 9000 to 10000 USDs/ month.

Any other suggestion by someone, which i need to account for. I will be having some financial commitments back home in India too, which will be in the region of say 2000 USDs/month, which i will have to take care from my salary in US.

Thanks in advance for replying!


Hey friend congratulations, you must be happy with this offer, do you have nay relative or friends in New York, they can help you in finding appropriate home or with the help of some property agent they can arrange a place for you, that suits you as well as your other family members, or contact them online if you don`t have any close friend their, though it is not very easy to find a place but it is not impossible to find a nice place for your self.

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