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Default Thinking of moving to Thailand

Hi all,

We are a married couple working in NY. We just recently had an opportunity to visit Bangkok, and loved it there. A college friend of ours is a Thai living in Bangkok and he suggested we move there as there are many opportunities there. Obviously, vacation is not the same as actually living there, but just wanted to get a sense of things, if we could.

I'm currently a project manager making around 120k, and my wife is a SAP expert making around 70k. We know that we won't be able to find a job there that would match what we are making currently, but what would be an equivalent of what we are making here in the states? Just doing the straight conversion, it would be close to 6 million baht, but through some research, average project manager salary in Thailand is around 420k baht, which is significantly lower, unless I'm looking at incorrect sites. We also know that cost of living is also significantly lower in Thailand, but it still seems very low.

Also, are there jobs that don't require speaking Thai? Eventually, if we move there, we will start learning the language, but I'm guessing it would take some time to learn the language to be working at a corporate level. I checked with my currently company, but they do not have a presence in Thailand.

So, to sum it up, (1) what would be the salary level I should be expecting that is somewhat equivalent to what we are making here in US, and (2) are there corporate jobs that don't require speaking Thai, at lease at the initial stage. If so, does anyone know if there are websites with job listings in Thailand?

I know these are questions that can have many answers depending on each situation, but any help would be appreciated.

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