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Default Citizenship application question

Hello all,

Question about "not have absent for more than 12 months in 4 years period"
I was the student visa holder since 2004 until 2012, then decided to apply for the sponsorship visa. Luckily, I have granted PR on 7 Mar 2012.

However, due to the family matter, I have to go back to Taiwan on 10 Mar 2012. Unfortunately, I have not yet completed the 12 months compulsory military service, therefore, I have been forced to stay in Taiwan until I finished it before I can return to Australia.

Now I have finally finished the service, and will return to Aus on 3 July. So my total absent period is from 10 Mar 2012 - 3 July 2013 (total 16 months).

Before I left Australia, I pretty sure I met the "no more than 12 months absence in total in the 4 years prior the application". I even went to the Immigration Department to double check that I have satisfied this requirement before I left. All I have to do is to return to Aus and stay for 12 months before I apply the citizenship.

However, it doesn't seems right to me...after using the calculator it show I have to wait until July 2016!!!? Now it really got me worry....

Does anyone has any clue on this?
(Going to book an appointment with Immigration will be my first thing when I arrived tomorrow...)
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