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Users Flag! Originally from newzealand. Users Flag! Expat in switzerland.

I am unable to post all the helpful URL links due to forum rules, but will list sites you should search for. Here a some suggestions to get you started with your research:

Three websites you should check out:
* NZIA (New Zealand Institute of Architects)
* Architecture NZ - The NZIA page targetted at potential clients (has a list of firms under "find an architect", including sole practitioners and larger companies)
* NZRAB (New Zealand Registered Architects Board)

The term "architect" is protected in NZ and restricted to only those with NZ registration. More information can be found on the NZRAB website. NZ registration is not easy to get and under the present system many practitioners are in their 30s before obtaining it. Up until then they usually call themselves an "Architectural Graduate" and work under the supervision of a registered architect. Some choose to call themselves an "Architectural Designer", although this may give the impression that you do not have an architecture degree.

The three training institutions are in the North Island (Auckland and Wellington) and so these cities usually have a more ready supply of recent graduates. Before the recession, a graduate was able to improve their employment chances by seeking work in the South Island and provincial centres, although smaller cities are really struggling at the moment so this could have changed. Christchurch may be worth a try though. The largest offices are mostly in Auckland, which is the largest and most multicultural city in NZ, with many immigrants from India, Asia and the Pacific. The weather is also warmer in Auckland although the most beautiful scenery is in the South Island.

You may struggle to find an equivalent role to your current one without local training or local experience. I also suspect that employers tend to look more favourably on overseas applicants who have recent experience in the UK/Australia/North America/Western Europe. A previous employer of my husband's once advertised a role and received an incredibly large number of applications from people who only had education and experience in India, none of whom were shortlisted. He was hesitant to advertise again! You will need to have done your research and have a few relevant points of difference.

Some other sources which may help you to become more familiar with the industry in NZ:
* The NZIA puts out a magazine called "Architecture NZ". I would recommend getting your hands on it (there are also digital subscriptions available)
* The NZIA also has a newsletter for practitioners in NZ called "Cross Section". It has its own website
* A magazine called "HOME New Zealand" runs an annual award for local residential architecture and each year one of their issues is dedicated to the "home of the year". Digital subscriptions also available online
* A group of young architects joined together to establish a publishing house/blog/magazine at a website called "Project Freerange". Not all content is on architecture but you will find some architectural commentary and publications.
* And of course the three architecture schools:
- Auckland University NICAI
- UNITEC (Auckland also)
- Victoria University of Wellington school of architecture

I hope that will help you to make a start!

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