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Hi all. So my wife (who is American) has sent off her application and has received confirmation that it has been received at Sheffield. I have worked at my current job for just over 7 months, so she sent all 7 payslips. My gross basic salary is 1,681 per month.

However, the first payslip states "basic salary" as 1,386, which is below the minimum earning threshold. I have been informed by our Payroll Dept that this is because I started on the 7th of that month, so the stated basic salary is lower for that month only. All of the other 6 payslips clearly state 1,681, which covers the last 6 months. My wife has also provided my contract and letter from employer that confirms my gross annual salary as 1,681. The letter also clearly states that I started on the 7th of that month.

If the UKBA assessor only takes into account the last 6 months of statements (which technically they should do), then we should be fine. BUT I am concerned about the first statement as it is below the threshold, and other posts have stated that they will only take the lowest statement x12. I'm assuming that this won't matter, as all of the statements for the subsequent 6 months are above the threshold.

Am I correct in this assumption, or should my wife also send an email to Sheffield explaining this?