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Hi ,

Thanks Escapedtonz for the information . Guess i'm quite well equip to travel there and start my career path .

Originally Posted by escapedtonz View Post

You only have three options :-

Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees.

The cheapest for International calling is 2degrees by approx 20c a minute I think, or it was when I arrived a year ago.
It is even cheaper to call international using the mobile than a landline or it is in my case anyway.
I arrived with a UK iPhone (unlocked to all networks before I arrived) and purchased a 2degrees pay as u go microsim.
Quickly transferred this onto pay monthly and never looked back.

Never used it in Auckland but Im sure the reception there on 2degrees will be very good just like it is here in Wellington.

Download apps like - Whatsapp which is like text and picture messaging but for free if the other person also has the same app.
Use the iMessage facility which is also free for messages to people with similar iPhones/iPads.
Use FaceTime which is free.
Download the Skype app for iPhone and use that instead of phoning internationally.

Have a look at the tariffs available to you on each network and compare them. You will need a decent data package for the internet - minimum 1Gb a month although depends how much you use it.
Have a look how much extra data add ons are if you need more in any particular month.
You will get free minutes and free text messages as part of the package but useless to you as they are only free to NZ mobiles and NZ landlines.
Also check their international call charges.
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