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Originally Posted by Wrg160 View Post
Hi, I have been looking into Emirgration for our family for some years (training as a nurse) and I have been told although nursing is on the absolute skills shortage list there aren't any jobs?? Anyone have any experience of this? Also I have to start applying for jobs and am not sure whether to look at acute care or community nursing!! Argh!! All too far away but like to be organised. X x x
Whoever told you that doesn't have any clue!
There's loads of nursing jobs and even if you can't find a particular one in the place you want to work it usually only needs a visit with your cv to place you on the list for the next job that does come up or a post may be created for you ?

Unsure if your lack of experience in a non- training post would go against you ?

On the job hunting - you probably won't get anywhere if you haven't got a visa to come and work here - or you're at least on path to applying.
In general employers don't consider you unless you are in complete demand and it is essential they get you here asap.
On the remote occasion this happens you are usually offered a job then you apply for the visa to work here and your new employer assists Immigration to get the visa through quickly.

It's the classic catch 22. Can't get a job without the visa but can't get a visa without the job.
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