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Default Cost of Living in Australia: Rent and Phone/Internet

I have to say it is actually cheaper here than we expected - cheaper than the UK, NZ and Costa Rica for food I think. The huge range of fruit and veggies is great. But there are always a few unpleasant suprises. Renting a house is expensive - we pay $530 per week for a 4 bedroom house with pool in the north Sunshine Coast near Noosa. We got a reasonable deal on landline and Wifi Internet with Optus though, I think it's about $120 per month including all calls around Australia. The kids have swimming lessons for $120 per term and the same cost for drama lessons so all that kind of thing adds up. I also spent $400 before school started (it's a state school) on uniforms and stationary kits for two kids. Childcare costs $55 per day but the cost is supplemented by childcare benefits. Check out the centerlink website for all the details on this as if you work and have young kids it is one thing to bear in mind. Good luck!

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