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Default NZ Citizenship Application


Just wanted to have some clarity around.

If an individual had one off traffic infringement(such as red light running over) does it affects the NZ citizenship application? where as individual might not have any significant infringements history ?

Secondly the NZ citizenship form for adults says on :-

"If you have had 100 or more demerit points in the last 2 years and/
or you have had a significant history of infringements and fines,
this may affect the outcome of your application. "

And on page 5 it says:-

21. Everyone needs to answer all of these questions.
Have you ever been convicted or found guilty of any offence against the
law of New Zealand or any other country?
Include convictions even if you have paid the fines or served sentences for them.

Is it talking about traffic fines or fines such as convicted fines? because traffic infringements are converted to fines after court issue it.

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