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Originally Posted by kaju View Post
I've already given you the correct answer!

You need to be in Australia for 3 of the last 4 years (working backwards from the date of lodgement of the application), on a valid visa, and in the year before applying, have been here as a Permanent Resident.

Lodge the application - 10.02.2019

You must have been in Australia for three years out of the 4 year the period 10.02.2015 - 10.02.2019.

Will you have been in Australia for 3 years in that period?

Read my post again. If you count back from your proposed lodgement date, if the dates you have given are correct, you meet the conditions.
Hi Kaju,

Thank you for the reply I read the notes by you and understood that the calculation I made was ok. . I was just replying to OzBound - where he said he was not sure which note of his I was referring to. Just wanted to check why he made that note in the other thread.
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