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Originally Posted by donkuok View Post
Yes, that's very true for private schooling. In fact, 2k might not be enough and prepare to pay more in secondary school. Unless you send your kids to public school which is free where school fee payment is optional as it's fully funded by the govt.
School syllabus is a lot lower than Singapore. I would say 2 to 3 years behind for primary school. Hence, I am sure you kids would love it as it's a lot less homework, stressful and competitive. However, it may get tougher in secondary school to align with Uni entrance standard at a later stage.
Hi donkuok,
I am from Singapore and moving to Perth next year and wondering how the school admission is like ? Was told that as long as we live within a school's "catchment zone" our kids will be offered a placement in that school? What if the number of applicants is more that what the school can offered? Is balloting required then?
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