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Yes ok will do its same as Canada labour market opinion application I guess but Canada just changed theirs to an Lima which has more requirements sadly. Also what about settlement to move them to uk. I'm home on the 24th so can look into the spouce visa I've heard it can be problematic but I guess I can see. My income isn't a problem although my savings might be below required now as I bought land here and built a house furnishing it too I have 36k left in uk but I can save fast as I can work away from home in my stealth camper like I did before for 3 years saving working up north to get the best contractual rates. thanks again I guess all we need do here is to renew his passport and pic as he's 1 and a half almost. I could go back to Canada to work as I have an open permit dated for another year and 3 mths but I don't think I can take my wife back too as she would need a visa holiday one or new Lima from a company there and right now it's back to minus 40 almost in Alberta were told today uuuug I've done enough ice road trucking there and I want to catch up with pension contributions when I get home as my military pension is just a top up and I've qualified 17 years pension with 4 I can top up. Thanks for your info buddy. Back in somerset on 24th Jan so hope it's warmer than Canada in Jan lol best wishes mate