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Originally Posted by designer View Post
Hi all

Well I'm new to this site, but not to the Philippines

I've finally decided to settle down in Tagaytay, just come back from Phils and looked around at Baguio (lived there for 6 months but property too expensive)
Angeles (only good for visiting IMHO
I have a small house (2 storey) which I rent in Makati, but its too bloody polluted now...LOL

So Tagaytay it is

Is there a separate forum for asking questions on living in Tagaytay or do I ask here?
Hi Designer,

Welcome to the forum.

My wife and I have our home there. We'll hopefully be back in August. Unfortunately since we'er not yet retired, we're not able to spend an extended amount of time there. Not sure we would be able to answer many questions at this point. I can tell you from my limited experience, the weekend traffic is worse than the weekdays.

I would add, you can't beat the weather.

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