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Originally Posted by bikaz View Post
aha so you move away from wellington aswell and up in the north is iy saver ?there is nothing to be afraid of or is there ? you see my hubby said he don't wont to build his life and than trough natural damage is all gone that would be hard is in the north any kind of danger atoll.
oh by the way Happy Easter from Karin and will from Scotland
We wouldn't normally but I have the opportunity of working out of our other office in Hamilton which would allow us to sample life further North. May as well utilise the opportunity than waste it.
We have visited the area a few times and really love it around Mount Maunganui. The weather is noticeably better and always a few degrees warmer with the winter average much better than Wellington.
It is the type of place we always dreamed of living and bringing up a family so the transfer request is in but doesn't mean it'll happen soon. Just have to be patient.

Wouldn't say its any safer than anywhere else. The Bay Of Plenty is close to Rotorua which is the centre of seismic activity in the North Island other than Tongariro, so you could say I'm considering a move from one risky place to another.
Personally don't think there is anything to be afraid of so long as you make all the right decisions to reduce the risk as much as possible - i.e. avoid living close to a cliff edge or very close to water etc etc
There is danger anywhere in NZ. No more in the North Island than the South Island in my opinion. The experts may say differently ?
A big earthquake could happen anywhere at anytime so why worry about it.
We've only felt one and it was pretty shocking and that happened 200km off the Taranaki coast out at sea, so not even on land anywhere near us but it goes to prove they are there so you can't take life for granted.
We are just taught to be prepared and it is drilled into you what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Happy Easter !
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