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Originally Posted by Pedjat87 View Post
I still dont know the joining date. They said it will be decided in the later stage. But they told me they already sent my documentations for processing, so I think they plan me to join them by end of April.
I am not so into complicating things at the moment because I already got a good deal at the first company. It isnt my favorite hotel, like the second one, but it seems also a very good fit for me to make a good first experience abroad. This is me rationalizing

Anyways, thanks for the answer, you definitely helped me with this since I was freaking out

Since you mentioned the fact that they told you your Visa was already being processed.

Towards the end of February I received my employment offer. And after signing it, and sending in my medicals I was also told they would proceed and process my visa... Then for the next 3 weeks nothing happened. And it turned out they had not even started it, even though they told me they did.

So if their telling you this, it does not necesirily mean they are processing your visa. HR department prepares the documentation, hands it out to Guest Relation Officer and he/she go to DNRD. This is when the process really starts and cannot be that easily canceled.

Visa processing once it is submitted take 3-7 working days max. I repeat once it is submitted. Becasue it can take months if your document are lying on the desk of your HR coordinator for months before some send them out.
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