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OK now If they already sent your doc to GRO, it is probable they have alredy processed it, today. SInce yesterday was off. But I doubt it. Tell me when would be your Joining date with the first company. If it is in 1 month or later they sure will process your visa later on. If it within the next 2 weeks they might want to speed things up.

If both Hotels offer pretty much the same, I would not change a thing and would stay with the first company. If you start to complicate things, and have bad luck you might end up with no job. If you know what I mean.

As for my situation. I went with the 2nd company and declined the offer from company 1. But I consulted it with them and they said no problem. Since my DOJ was in a months time and my documents were not yet sent to GRO.

But I did it only becasue the 2nd company was Emirates and I always wanted to work for them. It was risky but I decided to make this move.
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