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Originally Posted by PandaPower View Post
I am so excited and don't mind the extremes of hot and cold. It sounds like just what we are after. We're not dealing with anyone yet. We have also been arguing the pros and cons of Cantabria vs Maella area. Transport seems better to Aragon though. Which area of hte UK do you travel there from?

Finca casa Aragon seems to be the most effective at internet advertising. Although, I did note the comments above in the thread, not surprising. Know any others who are okay?

How much work is involved with the almond groves, do you harvest and sell the almonds yourselves? How much time do you spend there?

Is the casita built on an existing building? Do you think it would be difficult to get land with permission to build something from scratch?

Aggh, sorry, so may questions.......

We're off to learn a method of building in June.

In spite of what you may have been told, Jesus, the Maella Mayor loves ex-pats and we had no problem getting permissio to renovate the little casita. But you need to deal with Steve who is our builder and he knows the in and outs and has served us well. We dealt with Finca casaaragon and yes I have my reservations, but they are cheap and seem to sort things out ok, but don't expect any after sales service, which they assure you, that you will get, but you will not.

No we have not harvested the almonds, more the pity, but we have eaten plenty lol and of course they keep well, practically forever. If you are ok with the extremes that is fine. My advice, get a place close to Maella as we have been locked in by bad weather conditions, although to be honest it is ok, as the further away, the better the location. Haggle over the price and you can pay some on 'black money' illegal in UK but still ok in Spain, it simply means you pay some of the asking price as cash, and therefore pay no tax on it. Try if at all possible to get land with water, not easy but important, saves you trips to village to get water, although it is free.

We are not spending much time there at present, as house is nearly done and pool is nearly there, however in time I intend to live there. There are a few expats in Maella and you will easily come across them in village square in the day, we find each other easily lol. It is a nice place and as I said a good choice, but avoid the builder who finca casa will recommend. Go with Steve Banham, he is ours and he is great and his wife is lovely too..

Any more Q's feel free to ask lol

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