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Originally Posted by rudolf View Post

thanks for Your advice!
i never heard that they are doing GST from nz value.
why i was asking about those speedo and odo, is because i thought to bring diesel car over but u r paying RUC in kilometers not miles, wouldnt it be a problem? of course u can use math and calculate approx milage but anyway it seems odd to me!
will do a big research an calculation will let u know guys how it goes!
Oh yes it's one of many ways customs have a license to print money.
When we considered bringing our Peugeot 4007 2.2HDi GT 7 seater from the UK that we had recently purchased we were told we would have to pay 15% GST on it as we hasn't owned it for 12 months.
We purchased it as a demonstrator after it was 3 months old and a couple of thousand miles done by the dealership director.
Paid 23k or equivalent $46k so we were looking at an extra $6900 in GST, but nooooo. When we enquired through the shipping company it was its NZ value for a nearly new European car worth $60k +......Ouch!!!
That information put the final nail in the idea of bringing the car with us.
We sold it in the UK for 3k less than we paid just a few months earlier, but better to lose that money than pay NZ customs an extra $9k + in GST.
Wouldn't be a problem you having a car with Mph and Miles on the speedo/odo.
You would still buy the diesel levy in Km's - eg 10000 km's which I think is the max you can buy. You would just have to convert the vehicle miles to km's so you knew how many miles you were allowed to do before you had to renew the diesel levy charge.
1km = 0.62137 miles, so if you purchased 10000 Km's for around $500, you could travel 6213.7 miles.
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