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Hi Maria,

Ok, well that's good to know. I am definitely sceptical about any estate agent - as you say, they are out to make a sale. So would take anything they say with a pinch of salt. And I did wonder about these "springs" - maybe that was a one off, but I'd suspect a lot will be dry just when you need them most. Of course though, anywhere with a mains water connection is immediately far more expensive.

Very good to hear the Ayuntamiento were helpful and quick. I suspect anywhere I end up buying may have major works to do though, so I'd fear it could take longer.

I'm looking to take somewhere initially at least as a holiday place for myself and family, however it could end up with my parents retiring there...

That's a very kind offer. As soon as I'm permissioned for private messaging I'll get in touch.

Thanks again,
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