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Originally Posted by escapedtonz View Post
Hi Hopers7,
No don't do it.
My advice is sell them both in the UK.
Shipping them is a complete waste of money.
First of all you need to make sure the cars conform to NZ safety & emissions standards.
Be careful as some shipping companies will overlook this so when you get it here NZ Transport won't let you use it on the road unless you have spent thousands making it conform to the more stringent rules.
Putting these costs aside it will cost you approx 1500 per car then there are further fees of approx 400 to get them through customs and Maf then there's all the red tape to have them safety tested, WOF (equivalent of UK MOT) which is every 6 months for an older car at the moment, then registration plates etc.
Plus it will take 10 - 12 weeks to get here.
Plus your car is UK spec so speedo and odometer is in miles & mph. NZ is metres & Kmph here so you very much run the risk of getting done for speeding as the Kmph dial is tiny on a UK spec car.
Last but not least you will never sell it here. Nobody wants a manual car and especially one thats UK spec.
Sorry to sound all doom and gloom but this is the reality.

We bought a new top of the range 2011 Pug 4007 HDi GT 7 seater 4x4 suv in June 2011 to bring it with us, but after investigating the shipping and all the red tape a few months before we started the travelling we gave up due to the costs.
Was much easier to sell it.
We only had it 7 months, did 8000 miles in it and lost 3000 in that time but it would have cost more to ship it etc etc so we cut our losses and this was a new car.
It made the decision about taking my 2005 Seat Toledo all the more easier. We sold that as well.
All in all we received 23500 for both cars in the UK before we left and for the same cost in equivalent NZ$ we bought a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander which is virtually identical to the Pug 4007 we had although it's a year older and I've got a fantastic Subaru Legacy 3.0ltr R Spec B SI Tiptronic beast - a car I've always wanted but couldnt afford the fuel in the UK or the insurance.

The 2nd hand car market here is great.
There are loads of vehicles of every manufacturer and the Asian import stuff is obviously cheaper as its nearer.
If you don't mind a car with a bit of Japanese on the buttons there are loads of Japanese imports. My Subaru is one of these. There are some buttons that are Japanese and the sat nav doesn't work as you cant change it to read an NZ map disc but I have an English handbook so I can understand and change all the settings.

The Japanese are sticklers for keeping their cars tidy and well looked after. When they get time for their first MOT a lot of them are sold as their first MOT's cost around 1500 so I'm led to believe. This is why there's such a massive market for Japanese imports.

If these aren't your cup of tea there's the NZ Autotrader and every big town has a street full of main dealers with new & used motor's for sale and the saying that cars here are expensive is a myth.

Also, fuel is cheaper - petrol currently $2.20 per litre so approx 1.10
Diesel is a lot cheaper than that but all diesel cars have to pay an additional diesel levy here so this makes the overall cost the same as for a petrol car.
Servicing is cheaper.
Road Tax is cheaper.
Car insurance is about half the price of the UK.
Hope I've convinced you :-)
Good point, couldn't agree more
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