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Exclamation 233211, 233214 or 233215

Hi all, I am having difficulty deciding whether to go for 233211(Civil Engineer), 233214 (Structural Engineer) or 233215 (Transport Engineer)

I completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering and have two years of diverse experience in design and construction of structures.

In addition, my current job (two months old) and probably the one I'll be doing till I'm in Nepal is that of a Transportation engineer.

I am about to start Skill assessment at 55 point (turning 60 when I turn 25) via Eng. OZ but would like to claim another 5 points in 6-7 months with an experience of 3 years.

Does 233211 (Civil Engineer) Profession include both design structural and transportation engineering experience or is it considered an entirely different occupation? (since the specializations in 233211 are Airfield Engineer Officer and Hydraulics Engineer only a/c to ANZSCO definition)

What do you suggest I go for
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