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Originally Posted by spin123 View Post
Did you go through the roles & responsibilities defined for Systems/Business Analyst and was your service letter prepared accordingly?

Further what is your qualification?
Yes, we went through the Anzsco list thoroughly and ensured that our documentation matched. We really don't know what the problem is. I am extremely detail oriented with these things, but there's something that's not being communicated by ACS.

With one employer, it may be due to the HR letter. We had to beg multiple times to get HR to provide a letter and they did a stock letter based on old information. To complement this, we provided a very detailed letter by the client who affirmed the correct work that was done - all aligning exactly with the Anzsco description.

What is weird is that the first assessment we did in 2011 gave 2 yrs 4 months total credit, however the 2012 assessment completely contradicted the first assessment and gave ZERO credit for these positions. It says "insufficient documentation", although we provided the exact same documentation as before and all according to their specifications!

The first assessment was for IT experience alone and we used a lawyer who had us do a few revisions to get the documentation "just so". Because ACS didn't give us enough credit, we waited for my husband to graduate from his Masters of Enterprise Systems program to reapply (which required less experience). All we needed was a letter from ACS that approved his Master's program. We made the mistake of paying the extra $25 to get ACS to provide their official review of his work experience. The thought was that he gained more experience since then so the total experience he'd be credited for would be greater than 2 yrs 4 mo. WRONG! They received the exact same documentation as the first time, plus documentation for his latest role and they gave no credit for work at all!

Both his bachelor's and master's degrees are in IT with most classes being relevant as assessed by ACS. The problem is the work referee letters.

The lady from ACS said that we need to review the documentation (done many times) and ensure that his documents don't apply more to another Anzsco code. I don't know if she was hinting that maybe people apply for ICT Business Analyst when they should really be Systems Analyst or what.
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