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Default From Tourist Visa to 457, back to Tourist and now to De Facto??

Hello everyone,
I was looking for some help for my visa in Australia and I have found some interesting posts that have made me wonder a couple of things:
- I came to Australia with and eVisitor visa in 2011.
- After 3 months I had to leave the country to renew this tourist visa.
- 3 months later I got offered a job and I was sponsored with the 457 visa.
- The contract ended and I am now with a Tourist Visa, I think it is 676, but I am not completely sure right now.
- I am not sure if I will get another 457 in future, but my partner and I are thinking about De Facto visa as we have lived together for more than one year, but I am a bit scared as I dont know if Immigration grants De Facto coming from a Tourist Visa. I did not know that there could be restrictions and if so, what could be the solution?? Which other visa do you recommend? What would be the best option in order to apply for a De Facto? Would it be better to jump from a 457 to a De Facto?
I really want to stay in Australia with my boyfriend and we are always trying to do the right thing but it is not easy to move from one visa to another. We are planning to apply for this De Facto as the 457 visas that I have had are very short (10 weeks each) and I have to renew my visa every 10 weeks which means a lot of paperwork, money and stress because I never know if I will get another one until the last minute....
I would really appreciate any advice you can give me pleaseeeee.