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Originally Posted by Bevdeforges View Post
As you may be able to tell, I'm tired of discussing the mass shooting du jour. But it dawns on me that those of us of US origins may have more in common with our British cousins than we want to admit. The results of the US could have a huge impact on US expats, depending on who wins.

And before you say that there is "no way" Trump can win, just remember that a year ago there was "no way" Trump was going to get the nomination. Now look where we are.

Anyhow, to relate this a bit more to the Brexit discussions here and in other sections of the forum, the issue of immigration could jump up and bite us big time. Trump is threatening/promising to bar Muslims from entering the US. In the world of immigration, this usually calls for tit for tat measures, and I could actually see the EU and/or UK revoking the "visa-free" entry for Americans who are "just visiting" in retaliation. (This actually happened back in the 1980s when the US started requiring the French to get visas even for tourist visits, and France was quick to retaliate and require visas for Americans.)

OTOH, Trump isn't big on paying his own taxes and has made a number of hostile statements about the IRS, especially their funding. Hm, maybe there WOULD be some advantages for us long-suffering expats....

Europe will have a new property Boom if Trumpy wins ...hes gonna go around buying land and build American style condos all over Europe with large strip malls and amusement parks and a las vegas in every big city ....business will be great again...lol.
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