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Default Dual Nationality, Two Names - int'l return travel issues?

Hi! I've been looking through the forums and couldn't find any situations quite like ours.

My 6 year old has Chinese citizenship and UK citizenship. My wife (his mother) is a Chinese citizen with a UK Residence Permit.

We live in the UK, and are currently visiting relatives in China. He used a Chinese Travel Document (Blue Book that looks like a passport) to leave the UK and to enter China, where it was stamped upon entry. The Chinese Embassy in London refused to issue him a Travel Visa in his UK Passport since he is a Chinese citizen and they don't recognize his UK citizenship.

Therefore we had to book his return plane ticket using his Chinese name so that it matched the Chinese Travel Document he had to use to travel.

The UK recognizes dual/multiple nationalities. China only recognizes Chinese nationality.

Two things we have confirmed:

#1 Confirmed: The FCO in Beijing tell me on the phone that it is no problem for him, on our return to the UK in the coming days) to enter the UK using his UK passport, since as a British citizen he automatically has right of abode.

#2 Confirmed: The Chinese Entry/Exit Bureau in Beijing confirm on the phone that my son will be able to leave China using the same Chinese Travel Document he enter China on. His Chinese Travel Document (Blue Book) is valid for two years. Beijing airport POE officials also told me this.

Possible issue is:

His valid Chinese birth certificate, previous cancelled passports, and the Chinese Travel Document that is now issued to replace those passports, all use his Chinese name. (My wife's surname on her passport is the same as the surname on his Chinese ID documents).

His UK passport and UK birth certificate both use his English name.

Therefore, when we come to leave China though, at Immigration, British Airways and/or the immigration officials before we board the flight are surely going to ask if he is the same person aren't they!?!

How do we prove that he is? Do a DNA test?

My point is that they will request to see his British visa in his Chinese Travel Document, but since there isn't one will they refuse him permission to travel? I can always pull out his UK passport to show them he is allowed to enter the UK, but since his UK passport bears his English name, surely with the "two names discrepancy" they will query us and request proof of his identity!?

It is very obvious from the passport photos in both his UK passport and his Chinese Travel Document that he is the same person.

I figure it is relatively normal for people of mixed race to have two names (i.e. one from their mother's country, one from the father's country). And that those people do travel internationally and don't face complications...?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks so much.