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Default Intro from Us

We are Rob and Sandy from Louisiana and we are in the beginning stages of planning a move to Italy in 3 years. Our plan is to move for at least a year and then make a decision about whether or not to move permanently. We will keep our house, perhaps lease it for a year, and store our belongings. We've already begun trashing, donating, etc., our "stuff" so that has been fun! We would like to move to Italy so that we can travel as well as become very familiar with the culture and life of Italians. We've been researching areas to focus on, but, so far, have not settled on a place for sure. We need to be near a large train station for travel purposes and we do not want to buy a car. Optimally, we'd like to find a place that we would love to come home to after a trip, so we think a tiny town or the countryside would not be ideal. We would like to spend the bulk of our money on traveling, but we do enjoy a nice life here, so comfort, cleanliness and safety are important. We will have enough funds with my husband's pension and social security so that we won't have to delve into his 401K, and we will only use our personal savings for initial costs such as deposits, etc.

Any help or advice any of you can give us will be very appreciated. We are going to Rome again the first 2 weeks in December, and hopefully, we can make some side trips based on recommendations from the forum! Thanks so much! Rob and Sandy
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